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Social Media Marketing in Louisville

Social media marketing is about building relationships and trust, which ultimately creates more business. WSI Digital Win is determined to make social media work for small businesses in Louisville, KY.

We have years of experience in all social platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Our knowledge, network, and tools inspire brand conversations on social networks.

The Advantages of Social Media

In essence, social networks offer a free and simple way to spread brand awareness. But it’s become more than that, now that it’s part of modern life. Social media proves to be an indispensable component of inbound marketing for its potential to increase your visibility, drive qualified traffic to your site, and grow your sales.

A new Pew Research Center study reveals a steady growth of social media consumption in the US. The study reports that some 88 percent of millennials use social media, while 78 percent of people aged 39 to 49 are active users. The percentage is also high among those ages 50 to 65, accounting for over 64 percent.

Another report shows that by 2021, the number of social media users will reach a staggering 3.02 billion.

These figures only show the tremendous opportunities for reaching and engaging your ideal audience through social media. And it wouldn’t even take much now, given the many audience targeting and content sharing capabilities that different platforms provide. With a little persistence and patience, your social campaigns will yield positive results in sales.

Social Media Experts on Your Side

WSI Digital Win runs a team of social media and digital marketing professionals committed to your success. We won’t just promote your business online; we’ll get to know your audience and convert strangers into loyal customers and brand ambassadors. We’ll give your brand a voice and make sure it’s heard.

Having worked with multiple businesses in Louisville for years, we’ve developed diverse ways to help brands authentically connect and communicate with their audience.

By partnering with us, you’ll have access to the best social media technology and practices.

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