With the emerging popularity of pop up blockers these days, it is increasingly likely that cookie-based retargeting mechanisms will accomplish the opposite effect of repelling repeat traffic. Two-thirds of mobile devices do not accept cookies, diminishing the ability to track and retarget visitors finding your site by a mobile device. Consequently, in order to grow traffic and retain visitors in this ever-changing and competitive advertising world, you need to look for customer-based marketing instead of relying on cookie-based retargeting.

What are Cookies?

Cookies can be basically referred to as small files or a small piece of code that is placed on a website to store up information on users’ computer that can be retrieved later.

Cookies worked fairly well for advertisers when internet usage was restricted to desktop, unlike today when mobile and tablet devices are used for the majority of internet use. Cookies are increasingly dated as an effective marketing tactic, quite ineffective in 2019 already.

Below are some reasons why cookie-based retargeting might not work for you in 2019

• Use of Mobile Phones

When users browse on mobile devices or tablets, cookies are not stored as these platforms do not support cookie use. Actually, people while using mobile phones spend only 8% of their time on browsing and rest is consumed by other social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. In other words: cookies don’t work in mobile web browsing; the majority of web browsing is now mobile, but the majority of time spent on mobile is not browsing.

• Cookies disappear over time

Cookies vanish after a certain duration which may range from a single session to several months, depending on the cookie’s originating server. It may also disappear if a user deliberately deletes or might change personal settings, which is not only becoming more common but a matter of regular (monthly, weekly or daily) mobile device maintenance. Cookie capturing efforts result in diminishing returns.

• Cookies are not Humans

Using cookie-based retargeting is not a reliable way of targeting your audience, as it targets devices, and multiple cookies could exist for the same user who might use more than one device or different browsers. As a dynamic marketer, you need to reach your actual audience … when, how, where they are looking for you, and therefore when you are most relevant to them, and when you are appreciated as being there for them.

What Works Best in Digital Marketing Instead of Cookies?

Subsequently, to attain better engagement with users and return on your digital marketing budget dollars, people-based marketing tactics need to be incorporated. Be where your customers are looking for you, with the opportunity to control your message to them, and have your messaging reflect their search. Pay-Per-Click marketing is one of the cost-effective tactics for generating qualified leads and increasing business opportunities. WSI Digital Win is a PPC Management Agency to help small businesses in Louisville to get qualified leads. We deliver best-practice PPC solutions which we apply directly to business-growth objectives.