Lead generation strategies need to be improved with changing needs, interests and content preferences of your target market. A successful marketer needs to understand the optimization process to convert visitors into leads which is the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign. Videos currently have the best potential to generate leads for your business, as the video is not only the most engaging content today, but it can be generated, optimized and quickly increasing targeted engagement much faster than you probably realize. Gone are the days of huge video production budgets, production crews and days or weeks of editing then buying commercial time. Now is the time of simply adding a video to your content calendar, shooting, publishing and optimizing video in a few hours or as little as a half hour, and then publishing your video content with immediate or live audience engagement. It’s all a matter of your business objectives and your approach to video production.

How Do You Lift Lead Generation with Video Marketing?

·         Invite Subscription with a Subscription Button

It’s easy in YouTube publishing to add a subscription call to action and button at any point in your video, and since you know where the button will reside on the screen, have fun with pointing to the location of the button, and add “subscribe here” in your script, in whatever dynamic and energetic way you choose to personalize the invitation.

·         Use Strategic Calls to Action

Adding a CTA can help your viewers not only subscribe to your channel but take other actions as well, such as use the “Get a Quote” link to your website. Placing YouTube annotations in your video provides engaged prospects opportunities to interact in ways they’re most likely to interact, given that they are “in the moment” of viewing your content because they’re interested in it. Feed the interest; give them opportunities to engage further.

·         Video landing pages

Video landing pages can keep incoming traffic on the page, as it clearly demonstrates the value of the product or service being offered in the preferred and dynamic medium of video. Content in video improves retention, so don’t hesitate to create a video for each of your service pages, product pages, or even per-product and service. Use the story-telling capability of video to improve your audience’s understanding of, and appreciation of, your content, business and products.

·         Video testimonials

Video testimonials have more legitimacy value than traditional testimonials, as they are not only the engaging medium of video, but they implicitly exclaim that this satisfied client was so satisfied, they were willing to provide video time to attest to it. But how does this lift lead generation? Test a testimonial PPC ad against any other type of appeal (such as value proposition or special offer). Testimonials usually win in click-through and lead generation. When creating your testimonial ads, just add “see video”, and increase your clicks and leads.

·         Video Case Studies

Again, video improves comprehension. You want to apply this benefit to your content where comprehension will result in response and leads. Video case studies are engaging as they provide an in-depth view of the problem you are solving with your product or service. They are an excellent way of extensively describing your products and services to targeted viewers.

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