With the growing competition and rapidly changing trends, SEO strategies need to be updated from time to time. SEO is a powerful and effective practice for enhancing website ranking and getting sufficient traffic for increased leads and sales. However, it requires the best current SEO strategy to make it worthwhile. The strategies that could have helped you to stay on the top of the search results in 2018 might not be optimal for 2019 since search engines continue to tweak their algorithms, and since your competition is likewise looking for new ways to boost SEO results.

In this blog, we have listed the top SEO techniques to improve the user’s experience and boost your website rankings. Constructive SEO techniques to draw organic traffic in 2019

• Optimize for voice search:

There is increased use of voice searching through using Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home. You will need to optimize for keywords and SEO phrasing by paying more than attention to queries being asked on these interfaces. You can then optimize for these key phrases through Q&A format of the content in FAQ and Blog pages of your site, as well as video content optimized with the voice-search keyword phrasing. Like all content marketing tactics, repetition and frequency is then the difference maker in terms of speed to rank improvement.

• Conquer Video with YouTube SEO:

Videos get more views than images and 80% of the traffic is through videos. Moreover, videos make visitors stay longer, reducing bounce rates. Optimizing video through YouTube SEO can bring in huge traffic as YouTube ranks in the top 10 of Google search, and don’t forget that Google owns YouTube.

• Image Search:

Images are important for better user experience and it makes the website more engaging and trustworthy. You are definitely going to get more visitors if your site is image optimized as more and more users are using various media platforms for searching images. You can provide an extra edge to your website in search engines by using images and optimizing them for search, for example with alt tags and compression for high-speed loading.

• Mobile Optimization:

The websites that are mobile optimized allow more customers to load at a faster rate, and therefore stay longer. Additionally, mobile-friendly sites are beneficial for website reputation, making it appear appealing and relevant. And Google ranking factors do reward for mobile optimization (or penalize for non-mobile-optimization … whichever way you want to view it).

• Claiming Business Listings:

The current businesses must claim all the listings across major directories such as white or yellow pages. Also, Google My Business is essential for optimizing your “Local SEO” results as well as overall Google connecting, so they have the definite “NAP” (Name Address Phone) to use for comparison against all your directory submissions, and then reward accordingly for increasing those NAP-correct registrations as long as the directories/listings are also reputable with quality ranking scores.

• Snippets:

Using Google’s featured snippets is an effective SEO technique to provide a solution to the users quickly. This can be done by creating 40-60 words content for ranking in featured snippet place.

• Keyword Strategy:

In order to improve the ranking of the website, it needs to have a well- balanced keyword strategy. The proper identification of keywords that people are looking for while searching for any information or product helps in generating web traffic. We can identify these keywords through the Google Keyword Planner. You can also research the keywords your competitors are targeting and optimizing by simply doing searches for your various keywords and key phrases, and also by using research tools like SpyFu and SEM Rush.

Although these SEO trends are optimized for 2019, they quickly age, especially as social media optimization becomes a more essential and effective part of your off-page SEO content marketing plan. Stay engaged through such blogs as Search Engine Watch and Moz for continuous updates and newly discovered best practices.

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